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Your body’s actually chokka with natural collagen – when you’re born. That’s why everyone looks amazing when they’re young and second hand when they’re old. Sure collagen’s important for your muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments, but let’s face it, your skin hair and nails are the shopfront.

To get the most out of No Ugly Skin, it’s best to treat it like part of your daily skincare routine. Taking one per day will have you radiating natural, million-bucks gorgeousness. Enjoy it at a moment’s notice or throw it in your handbag as you’re running out the door. It couldn’t be easier.

So what’s in No Ugly Skin? Collagen obviously – 10,000mg of gorgeous, ethically sourced French Marine Collagen which significantly increases skin elasticity and firmness* when consumed daily for at least 4 weeks.
Combining this with No Ugly’s here ingredient Enzoginol ®, new Zealand’s very own super antioxidant and with support from vitamin C, No Ugly Skin helps your body keep up production of its own natural collagen.
So it’s basically a buy one get some free deal.

Clinical Study CSR3463, Journal of Aging Research Clinical Practice, (Duteil et al, 2016)
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You know how desert are all dry and sandy with thorn bushes and scorpions? Then it rains and suddenly everything’s covered with wildflowers and bursting with beauty and life? Well, that’s exactly how it works with No Ugly Hydrate. Scientifically formulated to help with normal electrolyte balance, No Ugly Hydrate’s got all the good stuff. It’s isotonic, it’s got Enzoginol ®, one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants, it has Fibersol-2 TM to slow the update of sugars #, plus it has 11 essential vitamins and minerals.

The Black Doris plums aren’t essential. We just put some in because they taste so good. Then we put it all in a dark bottle to protect all those healthy ingredients from the light. If you’re into intense workouts, nights out, or intense anything-outs, you’ll know how important good hydration is to staying on top of your game – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Drink yourself back to gorgeous in no time.

When consumed as part of a healthy and varied diet.
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We all have to push the boundaries every now and then – one more drink, one less hour of sleep, one less meter of social distancing – but no one loves it more than bugs. Germ bugs, bacterial bugs, viral bugs, micro-organism bugs, plague bugs – they’re all there. All just waiting for your immune system to let its guard down and bang!- they’re in.

That’s why No Ugly has come up with No Ugly Immunity. A wellness tonic scientifically formulated to support your immune system. We started with 100% of your daily intake of Vitamin C, added some echinacea, some Poutatu Mānuka honey from the Forgotten World in Taranaki, 12 vitamins and minerals, Fibersol-2TM to slow the uptake of ugly old sugar#. They we delicious-ed it all with lemon and ginger and put it in a bottle to protect it from the light.

Get your immune system back to gorgeous.

When consumed as part of a healthy and varied diet.
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Here’s a short list of just some of the ugly things that happen when you don’t get enough sleep: You can’t think straight, you can’t remember anything, your immune system stops working properly, you put on weight, your risk of heart attack increases and your sex drive decreases. It’s exactly the same as getting old, but here’s the thing – you don’t get old, because lack of sleep shortens your life. But on a positive note, No Ugly now has No Ugly Sleep. Full of magnesium which has been found to help regulate melatonin and tart cherry which is known to contain melatonin, 100% of your daily vitamin D intake, 1000mg of passionflower, chamomile, and lemon balm – everything you need to help you sleep like a baby.

No Ugly Sleep. Gorgeous.
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When we drink to forget, we’re mostly drinking to forget the million stupid decisions we’ve made in our life. But No Ugly aims to change all that with an exciting new Nootropic tonic designed to help us stop making so many stupid decisions in the first place.

It’s called No Ugly Focus and it comes with just about every brain-boosting ingredient under the sun. Gingko Biloba and Panax Ginseng to support mental performance, polyphenols like green tea extract, grape seed extract, apple extract, white tea solids, and is packed with 6 different B group vitamins.

But what really makes No Ugly Focus so powerful is New Zealand Blackadder* blackcurrants. Scientists have just discovered that these unique currants display a remarkable ability to elevate cognitive performance. No Ugly Focus. No dumb old ordinary berries for us.
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When your boss forces you to work overtime and work weekends and work too many all-nighters, you start to feel like chucking your job in, right? Well, that’s exactly how your liver feels. And if you want your liver to kick some goals, you’d best treat it to some liver-lovin’ No Ugly Detox.

No Ugly Detox contains 2000mg of prickly pear cactus per serve, which is nectar of the gods to any liver trapped in an abusive relationship, it also has 125mg of Choline to help maintain normal liver function, Vitamin E to help cell protection from free radical damage, lemon balm which looks like mint but works like magic, plus a whole raft of vitamins, minerals and polyphenols to help make your liver feel special.

No Ugly Detox. Making Ugly gorgeous since 2020.
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GUT No Ugly

If there was a New Zealand’s got Gut Health competition, No Ugly Gut would win by billions because No Ugly Gut tastes amazing and it’s got two billion probiotic CFU’s* per serve. It’s also low in sugar, and excellent source of dietary fibre with 7g per serve, 10 different vitamins and minerals, 137gms of calcium to support digestive enzymes# plus antioxidant polyphenols like green tea extract – all scientifically formulated to help make your gut feel more gorgeous, smell more gorgeous and just generally behave itself in a more life-transformingly gorgeous fashion overall. Conditions apply.

When consumed as part of a healthy and varied diet.
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As life becomes more stressful there’s less and less time for the things that really matter. Things like sweet, sweet lovin’. That’s why No Ugly’s Head of Science created her own strawberry-cherry love potion called No Ugly Libido. Packed full of the natural ingredients used for centuries by women looking to master the language of love. Science, meet ancient botanical ingredients.

Shatavari (literal translation: “she who has hundreds of husbands”), ashwagandha and maca root, nootropics ginseng, ginkgo biloba & L-Theanine – botanical extracts women have turned to for centuries, now scientifically formulated to create No Ugly Libido. Of course No Ugly’s unique blend of 10 vitamins and minerals are the ever-present foundation, all coming together to create a seductively delicious wellness tonic, bursting with strawberries & cherries and overflowing with lightly sparkling juicy gorgeousness. Just like you will be.

No Ugly Libido. Gorgeous.

When consumed with a healthy diet.
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