Graze Catering

You will impress every guest with these beautifully designed and especially tasty grazing tables and platters.


Grazing Platter

This platter includes:
- Assorted European cheeses (500g)
- Honeycomb, quince, and nuts
- Sliced artisan cured meats (60)
- Pate, pesto, and olives (180g of each)
- Fresh, dried, and candied fruits
- Assorted sweet and savoury biscuits
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From$213.95per Item

Brunch Grazing Package

Choose 4 items from the available selection to be served at your event
- Savoury-filled croissants
- Mini Fruit nest with meringue
- Mini (GF) Lemon meringue
- Mini Nutella filled donuts Lemon and blueberry cake
- Mini (GF) Orange and poppy seed cake
- Mini Granola cups, topped with yoghurt and berries
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From$32.50per Item

Heavy Grazing Package

This package includes:
- Assorted European cheeses (100g per person)
- Honeycomb, quince, fruit, and nuts
- Slices of various artisan cured meats (10pp)
- Pate, rillette, olives, and pickles
- Hummus and pesto dips
- Assorted sweet and savoury biscuits
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From$32.50per Item

Green Salad

Baby cos leaves, avocado and shaved Parmesan with vino cotto, herbs and aioli... show more...
From$106.95per Item

Middle Eastern Salad

Couscous with jeweled fruit and nuts... show more...
From$106.95per Item

Cabbage Salad

Peas, mint, mayonnaise, lime and Parmesan cheese... show more...
From$106.95per Item

Freshly Squeezed Juice


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